“Essential” Spotlight: Guaiacwood

Last week, doTerra had their annual Convention to unveil new oils and products that they will be offering. Though they had some really amazing products that were the highlight of the show, I would really like to focus on the oils that they presented. Today, I am going to talk about the brand new wood oil, Guaiacwood.

Guaiacwood (rhymes with kayak), is a smoky wood oil with fruity undertones. It is sourced in Paraguay, where it is called “Palo Santo”, or “Holy Wood”. It has been used for thousands of years in meditation and prayer. Even though South Americans call it “Palo Santo”, this is NOT the same as the actual Palo Santo oil. They are two different species of trees.

This oil reminds me of sandalwood and Hawaiian sandalwood. Due to it’s substantial thickness, this oil is combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil. This is an excellent oil for relaxation, great for the skin and skin hydration, and diffusing it makes your house smell so comfy and cozy. I have currently been using the combo of doTerra’s Harvest Spice and Guaiacwood, and it is such a heavenly scent for this time of year!

Guaiacwood is called “Holy Wood” in Paraguay.

I personally love wood oils, and I will go into more detail on the different groups of oils and what their primary uses are. I love the forest and outdoors, so it is not surprising that my favorite oils tend to be the wood oils!

Guaiacwood is available October 1, and I plan on purchasing another one, as I am already going through quite a bit of this at a fast clip! I highly encourage you to learn more about this great new oil and the benefits it offers. If you have any questions, I am here to help!